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Another weird bug cam across my desk this week, this time, dealing with VMware Fusion and Mapping USB devices to a VM.

The problem is that when you connect a USB device to via the menu to the VM in question, VMware fusion never actually does the attachment to the VM, thus scratching your head say.. is it the Windows the problem? is it the port? what is it?

Turns out that this problem can be caused by permissions! Go into Terminal on the Mac and type:

ls -ld /

this should present the permissions:

drwxr-xr-x  33 root  wheel  1190 14 Dec 09:17 /

If its anything else, then we are going to need to fix the permissions.

FIrst place to go is in the disk utility, select your disk, and then click “Verify Permissions” and  “Repair Permissions”

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can always go Linux and type the following commands in the Terminal window:

sudo -s

chown root:wheel /

chmod 755 /

This will require a reboot of the Mac, and now you should have the right permissions to map the USB devices!

Original KB Article:

IMCEAMAILTO errors in Exchange

Ever get this weird error?>

#550 5.4.4 ROUTING.NoConnectorForAddressType; unable to route for address type ##

I encountered this weird error today. What is that weird e-mail address? IMCEAMAILTO ?? This is what outlook interprets when a user clicks a hyperlink for a ”” within an email in outlook to send a new message.

For some reason, outlook does’t actually parse the MAILTO: but instead adds the MAILTO: as part of the email address that you are sending to.

The problem doesn;t stop there unfortunately, because outlook wants to remember every address you ever wrote to )the suggested contacts list), it will actually save the email address for that specific contact, which, will present itself as a contact called “” with the email address “”.

To solve this problem permanently for that specific address, we need to dig a bit more and change the email address stype back to SMTP: